Monday, February 2, 2009

Imaging USA

I attended the Professional Photographers of America convention (Imaging USA) in January. It was incredible. I learned so much.

I also bought some cool software that allows me to do paperless proofing with clients. Last night, I figured out that I could use our plasma TV as a display device.

I'm setting up some display space and rearranging my office so it is more of a studio. What a job that was! I still need to clean up the family room. I even made the curtains for the studio. Everything is working out pretty well.
I ordered photo jewelry to have as samples. I still need to pick the photos and finalize the order for the photo purses and other items that I bought at Imaging USA. I'm also learning the new software and configuring it.

Oh, I almost forgot. A friend of a friend called and asked me to photograph her Valentine's Day wedding. It is pretty exciting! I'm doing all kinds of research. It is a good time of year for researching wedding photography. The AZPPA meeting tomorrow is on wedding photography and the PPA magazine for this month is the wedding issue.

I'm working hard, learning tons, trying new things, and having a blast!

Little Dancer

I don't want to spoil the fun of the reveal, so I just picked a few images from this little dancer's photo shoot. I had a lot of fun photographing her as she danced and as she practiced ballet moves.

I'll post my favorites after I get a chance to show them to the family.