Sunday, April 26, 2009

Wiggly No More

Thursday morning Riley was really excited because he had a wiggly tooth. He wiggled it so much all day that it hurt when he went to bed that night. He came home from school on Friday and said the Miss Margaret (the resident expert on wiggly teeth) said it would come out either Saturday or Sunday or Monday.

Fast forward past a weekend full of baseball, Korean Children's Day, a quick trip to the Lego store, a chess lesson and bedtime on Sunday night. About half an hour after we turned out the lights, Riley called out that his tooth was gone. He must have wiggled it pretty hard while we thought he was sleeping and managed to pull it out.

He is so much braver than I was. My first tooth fell out while I was eating soft-serve ice cream. I wasn't about to let anyone pull it, much less pull it myself. Anyway, by the time I got upstairs Riley had a mouth full of blood and was proudly holding his tooth in his hand. We let him stay up and bask in the glory of his accomplishment. He's going to be pretty tired tomorrow, but I'm glad we were able to be there when he lost his first tooth. No more wiggly tooth for a while.

It is pretty hard to smile while showing of your missing tooth.

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